Forgotten women in French History


Some games about the French Women


By Adrien and Mathieu

Julia et emma

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Texte lucas et ben

Françoise de Cezelly Her Biography: She was born on 22th may 1558 in Montpellier and she died in 1615 in the same town. Françoise de Cezelly she was daughter of the president room of accounts of Montpellier, who was called Noble Jean de Cezelly. In 1577, she married Jean De Boursiez who was Lord of Pantant and then Governor of Leucate. A terrible story: Her husband was captured and brought to Narbonne. Françoise organised the defense of Leucate and she pushed away the attacks but the enemies wanted the fortress key in exchange of her husband life. Françoise refused she said «The city belongs to the king but my honor to God. I have to preserve them up to my dying breath». So her husband was choked in his prison.

song by Anaïs and Aimie B

Look at what French women have gained so far... It is just  amazing...


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