Our middle school

Our middle juliaOur middle julia 1


Made by Pablo, Johan and Aladin to show the differences in our school

Our middle julia 2Our middle julia 3

Our middle julia 4Our middle julia 6

During this game we had to play in teams. To us it was difficult because we all were stessed out but it was a funny moment and a beautiful discover too.

Here we are jumping from chairs to chairs with a board :)

That was a difficult civic game but we loved it because...

it was great fun !!

Do you like that game ?

Come on tell us !

We played that lego brick game to learn how to communicate better...

It was quite hard to do it in English :)


We played other games too like the puzzle game and the blind game.

You can read some of our papers now...

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Follow the guides !

Our middle julia 8Our middle julia 9


Our school cafeteria. We sometimes go there depending on the menu :)

Our middle julia 10

Here we are discussing atoms and electrons in the chemistry lesson. We had great fun !

Can you understand it ?


The actors are (from left to right) :

In the first video : Pablo, Aimie and Anaïs

In the second one : Tipahaine, and Emma


Hope you'll like it ! 

:) :)

Comments (4)

  • 1. Gabriela | 22/02/2016
deea, are you gonna move to France??? I have to say that I'll miss you, but I don't mind if you'll send me some photos=)
andreea grosu
  • 2. andreea grosu | 20/02/2016
Super...the best school that I ever see
  • 3. Gabriela | 18/02/2016
lol..And your game seems to be very intersting=)))
  • 4. Gabriela | 18/02/2016
your school it's amazing!=)

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